Lydia Oshavkova's musical appearance in Hechingen was delightful in the most natural way - by means of the fascinating beauty of her tone, and the technical perfection of her performance. She uses her enormous musical mastery to display all nuances of the sound magnificence of Baroque, integrates her personal characteristics and avoids the obliteration of the joint profile in the ensemble performance.
 "Hechinger und Umgebung", N. 85, 11.04.2000
   Lydia Oshavkova performed B.Romberg's concert in D Dur with an overwhelming virtuosity and exceptional musical sense. With articulate, elegant and vigorous tone, with a perfect phrase. With brilliantly clear passages, fascinating with their richness and unrestricted rhythm. With similar to singing twists and vibration, with a fine contour of each tone.
 "Reutlingen Generalanzeiger" 04.04.2000
MOZART: Concerto in C for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra,K.299; Adagio and Rondo in C for Glass Harmonica, Flute, Oboe, Viola, and Cello, K. 617; Quintet in E flat for Piano and Winds, K. 452; (Lydia Oshavkova, flute; Claudia Antonelli, harp; Atanas Atanasov, glass harmonica; Victor Tchutchkov, piano; Ivan Kozhouharov, conductor). DIVERTIMENTO 31020

   This is a pleasing collection of relatively modest works by Mozart. All three pieces are given stylish performances that are graceful and articulate and without affectation. K. 299 has been recorded many times before by more famous performers - my stack features flutists Adjoran, Galway, Graf, Palma, and Rampal. Nonetheless I recommend this budget classic by a fine group of instrumentalists from Sofia.
 Michael Ullman
"Fanfare" - Jan/Febr 1995, V18, N.3
The Magazine for Serious Record Collectors
GD 130 Vivaldi "The Four Seasons"; Handel - Concerto Grosso Op.6 No.9

   Named after the four seasons, the concertos are a touchstone for the mastery of both orchestra and soloist. This is the flute version of the work, performed by Professor Lydia Oshavkova, famous not only at home but also in many countries in the world. An excellent interpreter of Renaissance and Baroque music, Oshavkova possesses all the qualities necessary to rank her among the most remarkable flutists of today. Her performances feature flexibility of metre and rhythm, beautiful tone, freedom of expression and technical stability.
 Gega New
On "Valentino Bucchi" International Flute Competition Lydia Oshavkova presents "Principles and advice to the young flutists", which has been qualified as a treasure in their training.